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About ARC Chiropractic

photo of our staffWhether you’re a mom-to-be with children of all ages, or someone approaching their golden years, all family members are welcome to our comfortable and relaxing health center. Here, we want to do more than relieve your pain; we want to help you enjoy the vibrant health you deserve!

Our Philosophy: Align—Restore—Connect

Dr. Michael Childs understands the importance of good communication between the brain and the body. The importance of good neurological function for optimal health.

When he became the owner of the practice in 2019, he decided that the name ARC Chiropractic most accurately reflected his philosophy. His mission is to align the spine and extremity joints through an excellent chiropractic adjustment.

This improvement in re-alignment will automatically restore function & mobility. The restoration of optimal conditions brings about connectivity in the body. A great brain-body connection brings about optimal health, longevity, & happiness.


Modern Care That Gets Great Results

To provide the most advanced care to his patients, Dr. Childs uses sophisticated diagnostic technology. This contemporary approach to care includes state-of-the-art X-ray motion analysis and computerized scan technology.

Counting on Chiropractic

At ARC Chiropractic, hands-on, research-based techniques are used as well as instrument-based techniques that are either no-force or low-force to accommodate children and those with greater sensitivity.

You can place your faith in the power of a precise chiropractic adjustment. Dr. Childs recalls a former classmate who came to their college campus one day with one leg entirely numb. He observed the class instructor, a chiropractor himself, adjust his friend. Within 10 minutes, the leg was completely back to normal.

These are the kinds of episodes that inspire Dr. Childs every day to help others.

Let’s Get Acquainted

We encourage you to stop by to say hello and meet Dr. Childs and his staff. We accept same-day. Our office provides on-site digital X-rays and beneficial diagnostic technology. We look forward to working with you! Contact us today.


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